Friday 17 February 2012

Frog Blog '12 Part 1. They are back and at it.....again

Almost 12 months ago, I blogged a very similar title, and although they are ten days earlier this year compared to last, it has surprised me given this image below last weekend.

The main pond ice had only just started to melt around the edges but was still very thick in the middle and it was only on Wednesday that the last traces had gone.

So last night, I took the torch up to the pond just to check on activity.

Well, sure enough there were a few single frogs scurrying about and a couple already paired up and getting amorous.

Fair play to them, given that the water temperature is not too much above freezing.

As we go into the four season with the pond, and an additional top feeder pond for them as well, I am excited to see the outcomes of this years activity and see if there is more than the 30 plus clumps of spawn that were present last year.

I will keep you informed in FrogBlog 2012.

Have a good weekend


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