Wednesday 15 February 2012

Apple Fan boyz .....get ready

It will soon be time to wet yourselves. March 3rd is the launch of the next generation of iPad, but if you are a serious techno geek then of course, this is seriously old news.

OK, I joke at your expense and its all good fun.

But on a serious note, the announcement did get me thinking about the techno culture that we now live in and how the marketeers, whether they are Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Nikon or Canon, have a grip over how we act, think and behave when it comes to part with our money.

Certainly tablet and phone culturefeels like a 'throw away' technology, with the annual cycle of replacement/ renewal.

And while I have been anti Apple products, one could logically argue that if you do change over, from whatever your favourite brand /platform is and buy into another system, then if you dont like it, then, just wait 12 months (if you can) and the next one of your favourite brand will come along.

So is it such a hardship? Probably not.

While we are on tablets, not for medical reasons you understand, I still haven't found a great reason to photographically justify the expense of buying my Android OS Galaxy Tab 10.1 last year. Maybe, if I had to show portfolios to clients on a quick basis then it might have a use. But if that was my bag, I would probably use a larger screen laptop anyway.

Certainly, for storage and for processing for large files from the current breed of DSLR's, they are pretty pointless tools, in my opinion. Fine for P & S and Phone cameras but there is still a long way to go for 'proper stuff'

But for loads of other on line stuff, it is great and for most browsing, social media e.g. Twitter @martind01, and general on line stuff, it is the weapon of choice now. So I wouldn't want to be without it now in some version, or other.

Would welcome any feedback if anyone has tried out the Photoshop Touch version for Tablets.


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