Friday 10 February 2012

Nikon D800-The extras

Whilst the new D800 looks the absolute business it will come at a cost-not just the camera but all the peripherals like much much bigger CF and SD cards, A spare battery-its the same as the D7000 which is good but its not a D3s battery so you will need a spare, Then theres the hidden extras like storage, At over 100MB for an 8bit tiff or over 200MB if you keep your tiffs as 16bit those hard drives are going to fill quickly and although people say that storage is cheap its not as cheap as it was this time last year due to the floods in Thailand, Hows your PC/Mac performance? yes those files will SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW you workflow down unless you have a super fast PC/Mac, Lucky for me i upgraded to the fastest processors etc last year and added a couple of 3TB drives so for me the cost would just be the camera, Having a camera with such a high pixel rate will show any limitations in lenses and to get the very best out of this beast you better use Nikons finest lenses or even lenses like Zeiss if you really want to show the finest detail, Again i stocked up with Nikons finest 3 years ago and boy am i glad that i did as prices have sky rocketed since, So $3000 sounds like a bargain for the camera but some will have to upgrade the lenses and PC/Mac and all of a sudden its not such a bargain, I think that the D800 could be a game changer though, $6000 for the D4 is a lot of money whatever way you look at it, I think by the end of the year it would be prudent to get a D800 and the D400 instead of just 1 D4, The D400 whatever and whenever it arrives will probably have around 24mp and have the speed for birds and fast moving mammals and the D800 will cover everything else and you will have change out of the $6000 that the D4 costs, It certainly is exciting times to be a photographer whatever camp you are in, By Nikon announcing the D800 now it should? keep Canon on its toes for when the 5D3 arrives as well as the 7D2 or whatever it will be called
Time to start saving


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