Saturday 18 February 2012


So i have made the decision to sell the D7000 and it wasn't easy, I have enjoyed the D7000 and looking back its given me some of my favorite images over the last year or so, I see lots of people on forums asking if the D800 will be a good wildlife camera, Generally the answer will be no, If you shoots birds in flight and nothing else then its a definite no, I shoot both birds and mammals and alot of my garden type shots are set ups, Like an outdoor studio so i feel for this type of photography it will be fine, If i need some extra reach like i had with the D7000 i can put it in DX mode and it goes from 36mp to around 15 and 6fps so basically the same as the D7000 although the viewfinder will not be as nice and will be masked, I hope not to have to use the DX mode but its there if i need it, I do shoot some landscapes and well as studio work so there it will shine, Later in the year the D400 should be announced and this should be an excellent body for wildlife, it will be faster fps wise and have the cropped sensor although there are rumors of it being full frame but its all rumors at the moment, nobody knows when it will arrive or what the specs will be, So you could wait and wait and then wait some more whilst people scramble to get the early batches, in reality you could be looking at early next year, So i will go for the D800 to use alongside the D3s, I have had a FF body with a cropped body for a few years now and it has suited me perfectly, Now i will go for 2 FF bodies so that may take some getting used to but by the end of the year the D400 should be a known entity and then i can re-evaluate what what and if i

1.keep the D800
2.Buy a D400
3.Keep or sell the D3s

I am hoping that the D400 will have good high ISO which for me is clean at 1600 and if it has and the MP is a good increase the D3s will go and i will be sorted for the next 4 years
Its easy to be seduced by pixels and the manufacturers have been playing the MP game for years but its getting to a stage where we dont or wont need more, Agencies like big files and that's the main reason for me looking at the D800
Nikon is being sensible and have obviously been reading forums, They have just released a Technical Guide to the D800 and it already has some people cancelling their pre-order, Basically when you read it and i hope that you will they are saying that

1,Its best to use live view for sharper images
2,Use a tripod
3.Use a faster shutter speed than normal
4.If you don't use good technique and the best lenses you wont get a good result

I expect to see a complete sell out followed shortly after by returns and moans and i guess that this is what Nikon are trying to prevent, I think that its one of those beware what you wish situations as alot of people wanted a high MP camera under $3000-now that's its here it could be their worst dream


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