Saturday 11 February 2012

Briefest of Quickies

OK, I am really strapped for time today so I will have to make it a super quickie, but a blog nevertheless.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a great days birding here. Well today's experience was much the same, except that it didn't involve getting in the car and driving out.

Firstly, the cold weather has been reaping benefits with incoming wildlife into the garden, and being the weekend meant I got to see it in daylight.

With Pied Wagtail for the first time in ages, I was also really thrilled to see the first male Brambling visit our feeders for a good long time. How fabulous it looked feasting up on seeds.

A quick walk in to town for some food shopping for tonight's dinner party (which is why this blog is a massive rush) it felt kind of ironic having bought four duck breasts from our butcher to enjoy seeing huge numbers of Tufted Duck on the River Avon. With the extremely low temperatures, the ducks have moved in from static water courses such as the larger lakes and ponds around to ice free water.

Back home, as I was sorting out bits for tonight, Jac gave me a shout to look in the garden at five Reed Buntings that were taken seeds from some of the ground food I had put down. What another delight. I have seen occasional lone males at this time of year, but never so many at one time.

With lots of other activity from Greenfinch, Chaffinch, various different Tits and Goldcrest, it was a great days birding from the warmth of my house. Update: Also had a lovely female Redpoll on the nyger seeds as well

Anyway, I have grabbed a few shots, which I will process and put up in the next blog.

Also I haven't forgotten the last Wildlife Garden post either David Schenck - will probably write that up tomorrow for posting later in the week.

Enjoy your weekend.

I am off to eat Duck!!


Update: Well a quick apology for the shocking number of typos and to David for getting his name wrong, again. I have been back and proof read and hopefully put (most) things right now.


  1. No problem Martin ( my name changes each time!) I shall look forward to it and again thanks for taking the time to write it.

    I actually managed to get out and take some photos today having been ill for two weeks. Three hours in freezing temperatures but with so many layers (good old Paramo) I was actually warm. As well as seeing and photographing wildlife, it is enjoyable being able to chat to other like minded people, as was the case today in Essex.

    David Schenck

  2. Apologies David - see the update in main body of blog. Pleased to hear you are enjoying your wildlife down there in Essex