Thursday 16 February 2012

Analasis of an image

When was the last time that you took one of your images and had a good long hard look to see what you have done and how it could be improved?

Take a look at this fox image for example taken with a D7000 with a 200-400 on a tripod and 3xSB600 flashguns providing ALL the light, 2 in-front and 1 behind

Firstly whats good about it
1.The exposure looks pretty good, The flash is even and there are no blown whites in the fur, The rear flash giving some light behind the fox to add some depth

2. Sharpness is good no doubt to the use of a tripod and the flash has helped Freeze any movement

3. Good point of view due to the low eye level set up

4. Good background for editorial use-dark header for script etc

So what could be improved?

1. Better eye contact

2. The front left flash needs to be moved as its caused a shadow from the tree onto the fox, This images could have been bettered by the use of just 2 flashguns or 3 if the 2 front were on the right, 1 high and 1 low along with the 1 at the rear

3, The leaves in the foreground, I placed these there to hide the food morcels and give a more woodland feel to the image, I think that there are too few and would be better with more in the background.

The image is usable but can easily be improved upon, In my first session the fox approached the tree to my left where i had put some food down and had approached the trees carefully and slowly and poked its head around to get some food, It looked great and its an image that i thought would look good, I should have waited a bit longer to get the eye contact better but thought that the shot that i wanted would happen sooner rather than later and theres always another time (i hope)

Its always good practice to have a good look at your work and see what can be improved, Surely that's why we put images up on forums for critique


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