Friday 30 July 2010

Keep your software up to date

One of the great delights with both Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Phase One Capture One is the auto updates feature.  I think I have had two come through for CS5 since I originally installed it not so long ago and a few more with Capture One since the beginning of the year.

It was while mulling over what to write last night that it struck me that I don't get this for a couple of other bits of software that I use.

Dave and I have been strong protagonists of Breezebrowser Pro, but it doesn't always tell me when it has been updated, so I have to remember to check.

If you are a user of this fine software, you will find that it is now up to Version issued on 5th July - which has just finished downloading as I write this

I sometimes use Canon's own DPP - this is now at version 3.8.1 - again I was a version down level so have changed that.

I am still currently on Lightroom v2 which as at 2.7, and as far as that will go as it has now been replaced by V3, which I will get round to getting upgrading soon.

There are links to the full and upgrade versions on the Amazon bar on the right if you are interested.

Well I am sure you are all far more disciplined than me, and have all your software at current levels, but if not then this might have been of use to you tonight.

Note, the above versions are all for the higher end PC platform.  Apple users can also check their links too - except of course for Breezebrowser Pro


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