Thursday 8 July 2010

When it all comes good

I mentioned before about light being one of the most important elements in an image, But its only one element and your subject still has to be well placed and the overall image needs to be pleasing to the eye to make it something more than just a snap, I missed a few evening sessions with the deer due to the 4th July holiday weekend so Tuesday i went back, I arrived at 5.45pm the temperature gauge in the car showed 97 degrees, This was going to be a hot and steamy session, We are going into a second heatwave and the rest of the week will top 100 everyday, I wondered if the deer would show in the heat or wait for the light to go, I didnt have to wait too long as at 6.30 i saw a head making its was through the long grass and bushes, it stopped  and looked around and then 2 smaller heads popped up-fantastic she was finally bringing the young out into the open, I knew that a couple of the females had young due to the size of the breast area, She had 2 bambys-cute as a button and tick free which most of the deer here seem to be,She went to where i put some corn out and started to feed, One of the young stayed with her for a while and the other drifted off towards the bushes which was a shame, I only managed a couple of shots of the whole family together and even then they were not all looking, After 15 mins both young had moved back into the undergrowth and mum stayed for an hour getting very close to the hide and not bothering at all about the noise from the D300, I even managed to grab a couple of bird shots as they flitted around the bushes to my left, The light was great and i didn't even notice the heat, i am a believer in the more effort you put in the more you will get out and this proves it-cant wait for more


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