Sunday 11 July 2010

Pond Life Part 5 - The Hunter and the Hunted

There has been huge amounts of activity around the pond this week, and I will bring more details of that in the future.  But todays blog is about a little story that I watched unfold in front of me yesterday.

It had been another day of landscaping in the garden in intense heat, so any excuse to stop and take photos was welcomed.  I noticed a White butterfly resting on a small bit of sodden log that I have in the pond.  So grabbing the 7D and 180 macro, I tried to get some images.  I could see that it was busy using it's proboscis to probe into the wood to drink or take some other form of food.

Green Veined White (second brood)

I also could see a little bit of movement out of the corner of my eye just across the pond

The Frog slowly worked it's way closer and closer before the White could see the threat and cleared off. So with that I got back to my digging.


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  1. Nice one! I've always been fascinated by critters partly emerged from water. The butterfly is a beauty too.