Saturday 31 July 2010

Garden Visitors

When you read this i will be in California, I wrote this a couple of days ago as i will be busy hopefully shooting sea otters and ground squirrels, My wife got up early to get ready for work and left me in bed to get over the jet lag from the UK trip when all of a sudden she started to call my name, I rushed down stairs to find her in the garden, She said that something was eating her tomato plants and on closer inspection i found a large green stripy caterpillar-what a beauty so i instantly started to get some images,It turns out that it is called a Tomato Hornworm, I moved the plant into the middle of the garden to get a better background and noticed more, In total i counted 8 on 2 plants, I kept an eye on them and throughout the day got images, the light was bright so i waited for the sun to go behind the clouds, Tomato plants are scruffy looking plants and the backgrounds were not as clean as i would have liked so i got some white paper and used that as a background, Not very natural but it made the caterpillar stand out and this kind of photography is becoming popular and is used many times in magazines so who knows, I ended up shooting with white paper in one hand and balancing a reflector with my leg and pressing the shutter button with the other hand, By the end of the day i had around 200 images to choose from so here are a few

Keep your eyes peeled when checking your flowers and veg patch, It may hold many suprises and make your day just like these did for me
All images shot with a Nikon D3s and Sigma 180 macro at F11 or F16