Saturday 24 July 2010

Phils Birds

After the amazing evening shooting badger and fox Phil asked me if i would like to shoot Green Woodpeckers the next morning-of course the answer was yes, We were up and out just after 4am to a beautiful morning, We set up at one of his sites where he had various types of feeder and branch/log set ups, It wasnt long before birds started to arrive and during the morning a variety of stock and collared dove,Wood pigeon,robin,magpie and jay along with Rat and Fox arrived, Woodpecker wise i shot great spotted but the greens stayed distant and although i could hear them i didnt see them, I shot with and without flash and used the D300 along with the 200-400 and 1.4x, The entertainment came from a rat and a magpie how chased each other are every opportunity,


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