Tuesday 6 July 2010


One thing i can say about trying to shoot the hummingbirds is that its bloody frustrating, But at the end of the day if you get some kind of a result its very satisfying, I set up the other day with 2 flashguns in front of the set up, one slightly high and one below where i expect the bird to be, Then 2 flashguns on the back, it took ages to get the back guns sorted so that there wasn't any dark areas, there was a breeze and the background kept moving, i also tried to put some blooms from a petunia in front of the feeder pipe and filled one bloom with sugar water but the breeze kept moving the flowers around and blowing the sugar water out,after about an hour i managed to get 1 image and as it was 90 degrees i gave up and went and had some liquid refreshment, the breeze had moved the flower head towards me so the bird was pretty much back on but i was quite pleased and can now move onwards, I have a couple of new light stands coming so that will make life easier setting up multiple flashguns, if it was too easy there wouldn't be a challenge and everybody would do it so that's good enough for me


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