Sunday 4 July 2010

Hummingbirds cont

Well its holiday weekend here-4th July and all that so i have not had time to get the cameras out for any wildlife photography, I am just about to go out and shoot a tennis match but apart from that its difficult to shoot with a wine glass in one hand, I did have another go at the Ruby throated hummingbirds the other day, I did notice that the background plays a very important part in these shots so tried some different ones, Basically i put a khaki top over the board and then swapped it for a green towel, Different colours give the images a completely different feel so i will continue until i am happy with the result, I have ordered a couple of light stands from Amazon to make placement of the flashguns easier and will continue throughout the summer and will keep you informed of my progress
These images were taken with the D300 and 600VR +1.4x and are full frame, The camera set to ISO 200, 1/200@f22 and flashguns set in manual mode and 1/32 to give around 1/22000


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