Monday 5 July 2010

Trip Reports - North Uist - Flora

As promised in previous posts, I said I would put up some images of some of the flora that we saw on North Uist.  Most of the time we were looking for bird life, so I mostly used the wettish part of the Friday to fill in a few natural history record shots.

Lady's Smock

Marsh Marigold

Bog Bean

Wideer view of Bog Bean in water margin

Birds Foot Trefoil

Not a brilliant specimen of Butterwort



Marsh Lousewort

Viola  (not sure of sub species - any advice?)

Northern Marsh Orchid

I was hoping to find the Hebridean Marsh Orchid, a very rare and localised species, but we were too early in the year.  We did find this Northern Marsh spike, among a few.  This was the most advanced, which I took on the Thursday in later evening light.

I wish I had carried out a slightly more detailed coverage of the flowers on the machair, particularly near Balranald, but looks like we will have to get back there again next year.

Next post will cover a bit of the geography and topology of the islands.

Good book for helping identify flowers species, that I used to help with the above.


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