Thursday 29 July 2010


Last year i mentioned a software called PTgui, Its designed to stitch images together to make a continuous panoramic type image-great for landscapes but can be used for things like tall flowers etc, Yesterday i finished downloading the images i took when i was in the UK last week, For some reason i also went through some images from last year and came across some landscapes that i took in Colorado with the intention of stitching them together but had not gotten around to it, I remember taking the images one morning whilst driving through Rocky Mountain National Park, A beautiful part of the world with stunning vistas at every turn, When taking a set of images for stitching together i shoot in manual mode so that all the exposures will be identical which cant be guaranteed if shooting in AV, I also set the white balance so that its not on AWB which again can make a difference between the frames tone wise, In this instance i set it to daylight, Make sure that your tripod and camera are level so that when you go from left to right or vise versa the horizon will be perfectly level and then take a series of images making sure that they all over lap about 20-30% for easier matching up, I had tried stitching images together years ago using an early version of Photoshop but there would always be one or 2 frames where there would be a tell tale line meaning time spent cloning which i was never 100% happy with, PTgui solved all that and the final image comes out seamless, Photoshop CS4 and CS5 have improved over early versions and i have seen some good results but PTgui is the one for me-Very easy to use and the results look great
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