Wednesday 4 February 2009

Software-Breezebrowser PRO

Sometimes something comes along that makes your life a lot easier for very little money-it doesn't happen very often but when it does take advantage. Many years ago when I changed over from film to Digital, I heard of a software called Breezebrowser, I checked it out and bought it. Wow is all I can say-fast is another word. If you get fed up waiting for your RAW files to download then get breezebrowser. A 4 gig card downloads in less than a minute right before your eyes. Its quite an old programme that has never been beaten as far as I am concerned. You can use it to process your RAW files, I don't, I use it for browsing and deleting my days shoot, then quickly batch rename-takes a second and then copy them into a file for processing in photoshop, breezebrowser used to have a couple of problems. It was Canon orientated and for PC use only. Well the first has changed and i can use it with my Nikon gear but its still PC only which is a shame as friends of mine who have macs and have seen me use Breezebrowser would love to have it.

So you open breezebrowser and click on the cardreader to open the file and in seconds they are in front of you
I then highlight about 6-10 images and press Crtl S and i get a slideshow of those images, I make a note which ones don't make the grade and press Esc to bring me back to the main page and then delete those I made note of,Of course you can go through each image individually.

If you bring an image up on its own and press Esc you can see the focus point as shown here along with equipment used-body, lens etc, Shooting data and Histogram.

Now if you have a sequence of images which is very possible but you need to just keep the very sharpest you can check up to 4 images together by selecting 4 images and pressing Ctrl Z then with the scroll wheel on your mouse you can zoom into say the eye and see which is the sharpest of the bunch like here.

All extremely quick and easy to use, batch numbering takes seconds and over all its the easiest system have come across. Most people that i have shown have gone straight out and purchased it. Also check out some of Breeze systems latest offerings allowing you to control your camera functions via a pc for remote shooting-looks cool and something I may invest in. I can't recommend Breezebrowser PRO enough, if you want to use BB for all your workflow then Arthur Morris does a paper on it which you can buy from his site.


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