Thursday 12 February 2009

Hardware - Dell 2407 Monitor

A decent monitor for you PC/Mac is very important especially if you do work for agencies or even for club events where the world will see your images. They have to look 'right' so the screen needs to be properly calibrated so the colours that you see on your screen are the same as the colours that your agent or the printer will see. When I upgraded my old Dell PC to a new one i decided that it was time to invest in a decent monitor. You can pay huge amounts of money for the likes of Eizo or Lacie,These were out of my budget but I have friends and family that have been using Dells own ultasharp screens and in particular the 2407wfp (now the 2408) its a 24'' wide screen monitor and all I can say is its a great screen that doesn't stretch the bank too much especially if you buy it at the same time as the PC. It may seem expensive compared to the bog standard screen that you get normally but it has some nice features.
Firstly it has built in USB2 ports, TV, Video and speaker outputs and on the left hand side as you look at the screen it has card slots so you can plug the card from your camera directly into the screen and download from there-all very handy. Another nice feature is that you can swivel the screen from landscape to portrait and the images changes to suit-all things that you don't get on the cheaper screens that come with a PC package.

If you want to get one of these screens its not always cheaper to buy direct from Dell and I have found that do extremely good deals on Dell screens. I have had my Dell screen for about 18 months now and I am extremely happy and impressed by the image quality and value for money. A good way of knowing if you are happy with something is to ask yourself would you buy another and the answer is-yes I would.


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