Sunday 8 February 2009

Review - Look back at our First Month

Well it was a month ago that we launched Wildlife Photography across the Water so I thought I would just have a quick look back at the stats. and see what we have achieved.

We have managed to post every day so far and hope to continue to do so, although there will be times when we will no doubt 'have a day off', but that is one of the benefits of two of us writing.

We have included news, reviews, views, trip reports, gear we use and abuse, long lenses, software and some work from the archives. We still haven't started our guest photographer slot, but expect to get that off the ground this month.

Looking at the numbers, we have had 2,216 visits from 637 different visitors from 37 different countries from all continents except South America. 47% of you don't use Microsoft's Internet Explorer with Firefox being the most popular and 11.5% of you using Macs and 1.2% of visits from an Iphone.

So many thanks to those of you who have visited the site and continue to support us. We have had a couple of comments with some specific requests, which we have now covered in the Lenses section and also metering.

If there are any topics you want us to cover, please feel free to ask and use the comments section, we welcome all feedback.



  1. David & Martin
    A quick message to say this is the best blog i have read and i have read a lot it keeps me sane when i am sat at my computer screen working.Please keep up the excellent work

  2. Thanks for your comments Rod


  3. Keep up the good work Guys.
    An excellent read and a wealth of useful information.

    Justin C.