Monday 9 February 2009

News - Just a quickie

OK just a quickie today as I am deep up to my neck insetting up my latest acquisition - Samsung NC10 Netbook. Thanks to some feedback from Joe Fox in this blogpost I pushed the boat out and bought one of these from Amazon.

Well what a little baby it is, but no lightweight in terms of capability judging by the specs. It comes with 160GB HDD, partitioned into two, one for the OS and apps, files will go on the other section.

So I have ditched the installed McAfee and uploaded Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 - great deals at the moment on three licence version, so did the other laptop and one of the kids PC at the same time. Firefox is on, shortly to be followed by Thunderbird and Skype.

Breezebrowser will also go on so I can do some basic stuff with my files while I am mobile.

I also bought the 2GB RAM chip at the same time, plus a neat little TechAir bag.

So I will give it a decent test drive over the next few days and weeks and do a more detailed review, but looks good, with excellent reported battery life. So I shall be blogging on the move now and not limited to when I get back to base on the large desktop, and really make the most of Web 2.0


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