Tuesday 17 February 2009

Reviews and a bit of News - Canon 5Dmk2 and other stuff

OK a few bits and bobs for you today, gathering up a few reviews and videos.

I have to say the images that I have seen from the 5Dmk2 look pretty stunning, but then again there was nothing much that wrong with the old 5D. It certainly gained a cult following. I owned one for a while alongside my old 1Dmk2N and it used to provide significantly better images in many circumstances. the AF system was clearly never going to be a patch on the 1D and I was never happy to shoot in the rain as I did on many an occasion with the 1D.

Anyway, I would like the new 5D but given the current financial situation - thanks for that Mr Brown by the way, you might blame the US, but most of us here blame you. OK politics over.

Here is a full detailed review from dpreview so I will let you all make your own minds up on that one. Certainly, the video option appeals for me simply for this reason. There are many times when shooting stills of our subjects we see some wonderful behaviours. It is as times like that I would love to just press another button and capture some moving footage, and then just quickly click back to still mode. OK so I will have to wait.

It seems that a few models succumbed to harsh weather conditions in the Antarctic recently judging by this post from Luminous Landscape . I wouldn't be to worried about the authors comparison with the Sony Alpha as there were only two on the trip it seems, so hardly a representative sample. I would be good to hear from Sid Jervis how he is getting on with his, as I know he has been giving it a run out in very low temperatures in Canada, so if you are reading this Sid, comments would be welcomed.

A good friend, Dave Newton who works with Canon has recently being showing off his latest movie star Hollywood style on the the Canon Professional Network with a interesting set of videos on the 5Dmk2 and also the 50D.

I have manage to blag a 50D from a friend for a try out later this week. I am hoping to be catching a bit of wildlife photography later this week, so will see how it pans out with some of the more distant stuff and see how it compares with the 1Dmk3.

Finally, some good news from a Politician - yes very rare I know, and I did say politics was over earlier, but if this does get away then it will be good news for wildlife in the UK. When I read last year the the 'set aside' programme was coming to an end, I was very upset as this has proved to be a major lifeline to our farmland wildlife, that is still very much under pressure. But this story on the BBC gave me cause for a little cheer. Lets just hope that they do deliver on it, and it is not just yet another round of spin. But I really am trying to set aside my own cynicism and hope this one comes off.

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