Friday 27 February 2009

More News - New Canon Tilt and Shift Lenses

OK - so this announcement is actually a couple of weeks old now, but Canon have announced two new lenses in their Tilt and Shift range here.

So what is this to do with wildlife photography I hear you ask?

Well let's just step back to Dave's recent post on being a wide boy and you can see the potential use - no more leaning trees due to converging verticals or bowed horizons, particularly if you are using a full frame body. I know this last bit to my cost with my 17-40 L lens on my old 5D when taking seascapes.

Now as you will see from the link, these are extremely expensive bits of kit and I will not be rushing out to add one to my inventory just yet, but of the recent Canon announcements it is probably the most relevant to us.


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