Saturday 14 February 2009

Gear we use and abuse-The little things

Its not just the sophisticated camera bodies and super sharp lenses that help us to make an decent image, There are some small unsung heros that play their part, Here are 3 items that i guarentee will improve your images

Item 1-The Double Bubble
Placed in your hot shoe you will have perfectly straight horizons and level lakes and wont need to crop your images or tilt your head when looking at them, Use for all your photography not just landscapes

Item 2-The remote release
Dont suffer from camera shake again as you wont need to touch your camera,Compose you image and make sure that the camera is locked down and press the remote without touching the camera/lens and viola a perfectly sharp image-obviously you cant use this for say birds in flight but for a lot of your photography this will be a god send,

Item 3-The off camera flash cord
Sick of getting red eye(squirrels and people) green eye (cats-tigers etc) or even white eye (badgers) well if you move your flash away from the cameras focal plain then you wont, The remote release cord will give you the freedom to move the flash away from the camera and give different lighting effects but the main one is not to have coloured eyes,Here you can see it with the flash on a special wimberly bracket attached to my wimberly head and sitting above the lens which means i can go from landscape to portrait without moving the flash-of course you can simply just hold the flash high in one hand and shoot with the other-either way it will improve your images when using a flash gun

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