Thursday 26 February 2009

Local Patch-Raleigh-Keeping an eye open

Winter is always a good time for bird photography, Not only are the birds on the look out for food to survive the winter- so easy to attract to your garden, Winter migrants come down from the frozen north to spend the winter in warmer climbs-and who can blame them, When i lived in Europe you could tell if there was going to be a harsh winter if flocks of Waxwings arrived, Well i have noticed a couple of groups of waxwings over the last couple of months but they dont seem to stay in one place for long and soon move on, On my way back from dropping my wife of at work this morning i noticed a flock of birds on my estate that looked from a distance like waxwings so i grabbed the binoc's and went and had a look-yep about 50 in a garden backing onto the church, I went and grabbed the camera and went back,I could see them sitting in the trees in lovely light but they were too far away so i went into the church where they were very close but badly backlit, I took a couple of grab shots but knew that i would be unhappy with them, I drove back and forwards for a while and then a small group landed in one of the front gardens and i managed a couple of better shots, Then i watched as more flew over my car and landed in the bushes near our communal pool then started to feed on the berries there, I slowly turned the car around and made my way to them, The didnt seem to mind and although still back lit they were in the open so i continued to shoot for about 10 minutes before a dog walker sppoked them back towards the church, I am about to go back out and will take the flash with better beamer just in case the light is wrong and i can light them with fill flash-fingers crossed,They say my head is in the clouds when its actually in the trees and bushes-Keep you eyes open-the migration will soon end as i have noticed buds on the trees and a sure sign that spring is on its way


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