Monday 23 February 2009

Trip Reports - Mull - Day 4

So on to the last full day on the island. I woke up to dry conditions today, but sadly still grey.

While sitting down finishing off breakfast the first of today's White Tailed Sea Eagle was seen as it flew over the house in Dervaig.

I went to the south of the island today with Pam and Arthur who were doing a BTO Tetrad Bird Count.

En route, another two White Tailed Eagles were seen in separate locations, two separate pairs of Dipper.

For me, once I was settled down to my location, the photo opportunities were limited for a while although there were some great sightings of Goldeneye, Golden Eagle (three separate birds), and a female Hen Harrier amongst many other birds.

The best sight as I walked back to the van was a large Dog Otter coming across the loch towards me with a very large multi coloured fish in its mouth. Under the best cover I could achieve, and picking my moments to move while he was under water, I got myself as close as I dare to where he was going to come ashore. Laying down on the grass and stones with my camera and lens resting on the bean bag, he seemed totally oblivious to the sound of the shutter clicking.

Well I got a good few shots off but I have not been able to identify his lunch, a large fish with red and black parts and large white spots, so if anybody is up on their sea fish identification I would be most pleased if someone could let me know in the comments section.

After lunch, we pushed on further down the loch and had fabulous views of another female Hen Harrier, but much closer this time, with just a little sunshine too. Stunning views - too far for photos sadly, but great all the same.

So that is it for another short trip to Mull. I will be pleased to take a better look at the images when I get back on the large screen and with some better processing software to hand. And as I sit here and type this up, I am listening to Tawny Owls calling.

I have found some great opportunities for when I am back here in May, and look forward to seeing the summer migrants by then.

Update: - Well it seems like the Otter lunch was a Ballan Wrasse. Takes me back to when I was a small child fishing at Blackpool Sands in Devon with my father. Thanks to Alan Spellman and Arthur Brown from Mull for the id


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  1. having read these reports i have just booked a trip yo mull in may!
    many thanks