Wednesday 11 February 2009

News - EOS Forums Update

The EOS Classifieds is now back up and running. But sadly there is no further news on the Forums site. It is still the much larger database that is causing the problems.

So keep checking by.

Short post today as I have to dash off to a meeting tonight, but the little Samsung hooked up to Vodafone 3G mobile broadband is doing it's stuff

Proper post back tomorrow.



  1. I keep checking EOS to see if it's using NPN and UKbirdphotographers, but I do miss EOS.......

  2. The indications are it is gone for good...see EOS mag website. I will miss the interaction and hopefully will meet old friends elswhere on the web in the future

    Andy Jones

  3. Hi All,
    it appears EOS Forums is gone for good. But the good new is a new forum has been set up and the old EOS members are starting to drift back. You can find it at

    Stop by and have a look