Monday 2 January 2012

Thoughts for 2012

Following on from Martins last post it too was a very lean year for me photographically, The year started with a bang with a fantastic trip to Japan which was made extra special in that i shared the experience with a great friend, It really was the best and most enjoyable trip i have had and i have had a lot, I also had a great trip to California, I have been many times before but this time everything came together from the weather, The amount of wildlife and spring flowers, I am back to California in a couple of weeks and this will be the first time that i have been there at this time of year,My hopes are that the elephant bull seals are still there and that i can spend some time with them, A new species for me so my hopes are high, Last year we sold our house and thats when things tended to come to a grinding halt as did my photography, Getting into our new home was like a breathe of fresh air, A good size garden gives me room for creativity so my photography will only be limited by my imagination, I have lots of ideas but it will take time to get the animals coming into the garden on a very regular basis, I am currently writing an article on my garden photography so its apt to talk about it here,, I am currently siiting in my living room writing this and watching the Joe McNally DVD that santa dropped down the chimney, I have to say that if you like to shoot portraits and just use a normal flashgun it will help tremendously, This year i will be concentrating on my local area, I live fairly rural so theres plenty of opportunities close by, I will have 1 or 2 trips to California and hope to get down to Florida at least once,
This is THE time to get a plan together for the coming year and stick by it, Work hard now if you are looking for fox and badger setts, The trees are bare so there is plenty of light in the woodland, The ferns have yet to grow and the foliage is low so with some wet weather you have a great opportunity to do some tracking and follow the animals footprints back to the sett or den or just to find and area where they are feeding or criss crossing,
I hope you all have a great year with your photography, To get success think all the time about what you want and how to go about getting it, Once you have some images in the bag start to experiment with slow shutter speeds etc to get something original but most of all have fun, If you are not having fun then whats the point??
If you need any help we are here so just post a question or send a mail and we will do our best to help


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