Friday 27 January 2012

California Day 4

My last blog basically took me most of the morning as i downloaded and sorted through the images and then quickly processed them etc, In the afternoon i went to one of my favorite places here-The Baylands reserve, I did stop at a lake on the way where i shot an eared grebe last time and there were some more grebes as well as a good head of goldeneye, I decided as the light was bright to move further down the road to baylands and see what was around, There were plenty of birds especially waders and ducks, I stayed until sundown shooting both at low level and at birds in flight, There is one area where the water is protected by the surrounding marsh and is always good for reflection images and thats where i spent most of my time, The main problem is that its right next to the road so lots of people come to view the birds or the crazy guy sitting quietly in the grass, When this happens they tend to move off but soon return when the coast is clear, Patience is the key and i had yellowlegs, egret, teal, stilt and shoveler very close by. The light was bright but behind me and i was quite pleased with the end result, All images were taken with the D3s and 600 (with and without a 1.4x)

Snowy Egret

On my next blog i meet up with one of our blog readers and get some great results


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