Friday 6 January 2012

Nikon D4 Announced

Finally-Nikon start the new year with a bang, The D4 has finally been announced after lots of speculation, I am sitting here like a geek at midnight waiting for the final details,
A few nice features are that the base iso is now 100 and can be set at 50 and go up to an insane 204000,
AF is said to be faster along with a new sensor with 91000 pixels, The D3s has something like 2000 pixels and the 51 AF points has 11 points that focus at F8-Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Canon who do not even offer 1 AF point at F8 on the 1DX
The styling is a little Canon 1 series with the smaller swoopy prism
Lots to read and take in and the real test will be when its in the hands of people we know and trust, Will i be getting one-nope certainly not yet and not this year unless its something super special, 16.2MP is not a substantial increase over the D3s and i doubt in the real world you will see much IQ improvement-we will see, I have read that the MP has been kept low for the video speed but who knows, Its looks nice on paper albut expensive but still around $2000 cheaper than the Canon 1DX-Who would have thought that,

Nikon also spat out a new lens in the 85mm F1.8 which should be a nice portrait lens

I would imagine that although its slated to be available in Feb (again ahead of the new Canon) they will be like hens teeth due to the Olympics
I look forward to seeing the first reviews

Off to bed


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