Saturday 21 January 2012

Not a good start

We were late getting in last night due to the torrential rain in San Francisco, Add 30mph cross winds and zero visability and you can imagine the approach and landing, We got the the hotel at 12.30am and it was pissing down so it was valet parking and off to bed, This morning we were up earlish and went to get the car only to find the sat nav missing which was actually mine, After some discussion and heavy words with everybody around me we found that 3 went missing yet all the cars were valet parked and locked, Strangely about 30 mins later i had a call from the police stating that they had apprehended a German guy who had been seen looking into car windows and his pockets were full of-you guessed it-sat navs and 30 mins after the call we were reunited-well done San Jose police force. We have the weekend sight seeing with an English friend who moved to San Jose 2 days ago so i am writing this in the Hard Rock cafe in fisherman's wharf over looking Alcatraz and tomorrow we are off to Monterey so should get some images, The weather report looks mainly wet for the week and its very windy so i will have to make the most of whatever opportunities that i get-fingers crossed, I did notice a lot of wildfowl on the lakes driving up to San Fran so lets hope

Ta Ta for now


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