Tuesday 10 January 2012

Infront and Behind the camera

Its not often that i am infront of the camera but when i was at the Crystal River one of my friends stayed on the boat one day and used her Nikon D700 to get some shots from above the water, I thought that this would give you some idea of what it looks like above and below at the same time
After swimming in open water for about 1.5 hours we returned to the boat and there were 2 manatees chewing on the anchor rope which is very common and a way for them to clean their gums etc, I decided to get some last shots

From above

From below
Yes thats my hand holding onto the boast to try and stabilise myself, I could crop it out but left it in for the blog

From Above

From Below

Not a great image by any accounts but what do expect when you are being bumped by something 5 times your size and they are just inches from the camera, You actually see my friend taking the image on the boat

A few images of me by my friend Judy:
Getting up close and personal

1.5 hours in the water and its job done and time to get out and grab a coffee, You can clearly see the EWA marine bag with the D3s in it

It nay be warm outside but once you have been in the water it feels very cold so wrap up quick in warm clothes and a funky hat and get some coffee and donuts
I was very glad to have somebody to get some shots of me doing what i enjoy the most, I have said before that swimming with the manatees is like nothing else in wildlife photography, Interaction between them is always an honor and an awesome experience, I just need to find a way of getting down their in March for some clear water and lack of people

All images out of the water copyright Judy Campbell


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  1. Dave thats a fantastic post and always nice to see as we don't get many shots of us doing what we love the most - photography.