Wednesday 18 January 2012

Mid Week quickie

Just a very quick quickie from me tonight.

Seeing as though we have had the announcements of the Nikon D4, and a couple of months before of the Canon 1Dx, I guess it is quite natural to get into spec comparison.

This site, Northlight Images has compiled this table so you can see the differences and similarities side by side. While the prices are shown in Dollars, for our UK readers, the best £ comparison is here on Camerapricebuster. A £500 lower starting price for the Nikon is a healthy advantage and it will be interesting to see where retail prices go, and who wins the race to get them onto the dealers shelves. I have my views on that which I will keep to myself for now.

While I am in a chat mode, I have found a great way that you can reduce the weight that you have to lug across the countryside when you are heading out on your shoots. Wildlifing gear weighs a ton and every pound that can be shed is a bonus

Its very simple, and should save you money. Its called a diet!!

Having surprised myself with my post Christmas weigh in, it showed that happy married life, and great food having spent too much time watching Masterchef and the like, I have set to in the last two and half weeks with cutting back onthe food intake and doing some exercise, so now me and my kit is eight pounds lighter, with another three to go.

Another great tip from Wildlifephotographyacrossthewater!!

Right time for supper and then Masterchef on the telly.....oooops!!


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  1. Nice one Martin, I was going to cut back on chocolate - that lasted three days ! So now we're (the wife and I) having two nights a week alcohol free . Off for a beer now :)