Sunday 8 January 2012


On the way back from Florida went did a 2 day layover in Savannah Georgia, It break the journey in half and is right next to the i95, We have been there a couple of times before and if you are in the area its well worth a day or 2, Its very different from the main US cities in that it has an old European feel to it, Cobbled streets and old Euro architecture around the water front make for a pleasant change, In the spring the who place is a blaze of colour with rhododendrons, Add lots of huge trees covered in Spanish moss and it becomes a very picturesque place, Its not far from the sea and Hilton Head Island is only a 30 min drive and the nature reserve next to the bridge to the island is normally worth a trip, In the spring its full of birds, We went out to eat down by the waterfront one evening and i took the D3s along with the 24-70 and SB900, I did not want to take a tripod with me but did decide to get some long exposures of around 1.5 secs so used the flash to 'grab' the subject and a fence,post or rock for support which seemed to work well.
Savannah has a very cosmopolitan feel to the place, Lots of arty type people-defiantly worth the trip


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