Saturday 7 January 2012

A few quick ramblings

I read Dave's D4 article yesterday with interest. See here for details of the UK press release.

Certainly looks very interesting, and at a £500 lower launch price in the UK, it certainly offers a number of advantages.

If I were in the market for a camera body at this sort of price bracket this year, it would now be a very serious proposition to make the switch. However, I still have a number of rooms in my house to refurbish so priorites are set. That and a remaining unsettled economy eans prudence has to rule the day for now.

Looking bnack at the press releases from Nikon and Canon, I sometimes wonder why they are made so far in advance of the goodies actually being available. Remember all the song and dance about tweleve months ago on the Canon 200-400 f4 with built in 1.4, and the mark 2 500's and 600's - not a sign of them!! Before the Canon fan boyz get all mardy with me - yes I do know there was an earthquake in Japan.

Hey ho - I guess it gives forum folks a good chance to have a whinge though :-)

A quick link I can recommend that you pop over and have a look at when you get a few minutes is that of Oscar Dewhurst. He has started up a new blog, so give him your support too. He is a young lad and turning out some great work. In keeping with our support for some of the younger stars as we did with Ashley Hugo, I hope that Oscar will do a guest slot for us this year.

By the way Ash, you need to get blogging again!!

I took a couple of trips recently to one of my Short Eared Owl sites - sadly on both occasions, the light and the wind direction were just perfect - which is why I chose to drive there. Sadly, with this site being fairly exposed to the strong wind, it proved too much for the birds to fly - an experience have had there before.

However, I will perevere with this site, as it is not overrun with birders and photographers and in particular that seemingly increasing band of photographers who appear to have no clue about wildlife and its needs, and seem solely motivated by photographic greed.

Right time to get ready to get out for some live music tonight at my local patch.

Have a good weekend



  1. Thank you for the mention Martin! Good luck with the SEOs


  2. I had a quick look at the camera spec, would I like one, yes. Can I justify it over my D3s, I don't think so! Increase in pixels to about 16mp (a D7000 instead of my D300s could you that, with an improvement over the D300s video wise also) Slightly faster frame rate, nice but not that important for me. Higher ISO,maybe some use but very little. The dual card slot going to two different types is a step backward for me. I suppose if I was a pro sports photographer going to the Olympics I would get one, however having just retired and hoping to earn some small income form my camera , I want one can I justify it? No, will I ever get one, probably!!!!

  3. Dont forget the new battery which is a pain if you intend on using a D3 or D300/D700 with grip as a back up, It will mean 2 different batteries and chargers, The new batteries also have a lower capacity of around 2600 shots instead of the current 4000+, This is because of some new regs in Japan concerning batteries, I guess the Canon 1DX will be inflicted the same way