Saturday 28 January 2012

Big Garden Birdwatch

Before I was back in the house after putting out more food and suet/fat mix, the birds were already coming down. A cooler couple of days has bought in a few more birds, and so at about 10.30 this morning, I set about my annual BGBW.

And the tally?

As follows;

3 Starling
2 x Song Thrush
2 x Robin
2 x Dunnock
3 x Carrion Crow
7 x Chaffinch
4 x Blackbird
3 x Wood Pigeon
1 x Wren
3 x Blue Tit
2 x Collared Dove
1 x Sparrowhawk
1 x Coal Tit
1 x male Blackcap (just at the end of the hour)

So a couple of surprises for me.

Firstly the number of species within the hour (14), particularly as bird traffic has been so infrequent lately, as I recently blogged,

And Secondly, to see the Blackcap at the end of the watch was great as we have not seen any Blackcap this winter until today.

How did you fair with your garden count? Let us know through the comments, it would be good to hear.

So with my results uploaded, I popped out again to the site where I recently got the Red Kite images and had a great afternoons birding, which I will save for my next blog.



  1. My results:

    blackbird 4
    chaffinch 2
    goldfinch 2
    greenfinch 6
    collared dove 2
    wood pigeon 2
    dunnock 2
    blue tit 3
    long tailed tit 2
    redwing 1
    great spotted woodpecker 1
    blackcap (male) 1

    David Schenck - Ipswich

    (ps. are you still planning a post on wildflowers?)

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for your uoploads - some good sights there I havent forgotten the Wildlflower garden blog. Will get it done this week - promise


  3. Very disappointing results in my garden. Many of the regular visitors didn't show (collard doves, wood pidgeon, starlings, chaffinch). Occasional visitors that weren't really expected stayed away too (blue tits, wren, coal tit, long tailed tit, goldfinch, sparrowhawk). Even the sparrows of which usually 20+ can be seen were down to single figures. I was left with just great tits (2), robin (1), dunnock (1), blackbird (1) & sparrows (7). Not at all representative of the usual activity.