Friday 25 November 2011


We have been in the new house for a month and so far the bird scene in the garden has been slow, We have a family of chickadees, A couple of Tufted Titmice and the odd Cardinal along with a lot of crows, Nothing to write home about and i hope that more will arrive as time and winter comes, I have 3 seed/nut feeders out as well as a fat block, I said to my wife that i was disappointed that we have not had any woodpeckers, The fat block being totally untouched, I dug out my old woodpecker branch that i successfully used last year and put it in the garden, I put some fat in the predrilled holes and 3 hours later there was a hairy woodpecker feeding on it, I could not believe it, It came and went all afternoon and i sat out for a couple of hours trying to get it, I had a red bellied woodpecker come and check it out a couple of times, So it shows that its not the food but how it is presented that matters, The woodies have continued to come over the last couple of days as when i check the holes that are totally empty, What with Thanksgiving yesterday and Black Friday today i havent had the cameras out but that will change tomorrow, Here are a couple of images taken last year using the woodpecker branch and in my next blog i will show you how to make one


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