Saturday 5 November 2011


Whilst the cameras have not been out since the last blog mainly due to rain and a large dog running a muck in my garden at night i have been busy preparing for the future, Its easy enough to get birds to the feeders but its nice to have a captive audience such as when they nest so i have put up a couple of bird boxes so that they are settled and awaiting the spring, Last year the bird boxes did well with Eastern Bluebirds having 3 broods, I have put up 1 box for bluebirds and 1 for chickerdees but whatever takes residence is more than welcome, I will leave the boxes empty for the winter but as spring approaches i will put some soft nesting material in just to make it more attractive, Do not put in saw dust as it will hold water/wee and will get in the checks eyes, I normally put in a small amount of cotton wall and let the birds do the rest, Not only is it nice to have birds use the boxes but i enjoyed watching the too and frooing last year as well as having the chicks follow their parents to the feeders, I think its a bit like decorating,80% preparation gives the best long term results, I have also started to turn the base of the screened porch into a blind with the help if some camo netting and plan to start using this very soon for the opossum that visits every night (dog permitting)

Bluebirds Nest Box

Chickadee Nest Box
Make shift Blind/Hide under the screened porch

Just need to make a few slots for the lens to poke through


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