Tuesday 29 November 2011

Proof of the Pudding

I sat out in my blind yesterday after watching a hairy woodpecker feeding early on, It took a couple of hours but eventually the hairy woody dropped down and started to feed, They are very small and i wish that i had taken my 1.4x there with me so had to crop a bit to get the best composition, Shortly after the hairy left i could hear the red bellied in the woodland, It didnt take long to see it and although skittish it landed on the perch and had a good feed, The D7000 and 600 was perfect for this larger woodpecker, I was still using the old perch so had to clone some bits in and out to make a decent looking image, I did cut a new perch yesterday morning out its not drilled yet and i have also found some vines in the woodland that i will cut and wrap around it to add to the image, I normally look for dropped branches for my perches but we have a couple of young trees that have bent over due to strangling by vines when they were younger and they are an eye-saw so i cut them down and will reuse then for future projects,

The weather yesterday was perfect, Overcast but quite bright, I had to use ISO 800 to get 1/125 but with careful setting up you can get sharp images, Once the light dropped to 1/60 i packed up,The background is the far end of the garden which is a couple of hundred feet away and at F8 becomes nicely diffused


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