Monday 21 November 2011

Oh my Aching Head

The back ache is all but gone although it could be that my body is still numb from the amount of alcohol that i consumed yesterday, We had a house warming and around 40 friends and neighbors turned up, 9 solid hours drinking and i think a good time was had by all,
I went into a store the other day and fell in love-at first sight, Our eyes met across a crowded check out and i knew i just had to have her and first think this morning she knocked on my door and now she is mine and what a beauty

I knew that this was the one when i saw Valantino Rossi's number on her side
My wife said it was the width of the cutters but what does she know

The photography will start again tonight once i have wrapped my new love up for the night,
Rumours have started again about Nikons long awaited D800 and Nikon Rumours site is showing some images of it so if they are real i would think that an announcement will be coming shortly,I have to say its not what you could call a pretty camera but as long as it functions as Nikon's normally do it will be a winner,
The terrible fllodings in Thailand will mean no cameras for a while but its now becoming far more reaching than that, Look at the prices of hard drives, Most made in the flood zone for companies like Western Digital , They have shot up in price, I am glad that i bought mine months ago


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