Tuesday 22 November 2011

Some reflections from today

Fairly short blog tonight as I am feeling a bit poorly, so I thought I would reflect on a couple of things and share with you.

Bad backs? Are they a sympton or an occupational hazard for wildlife photographers. After all we carry around large, heavy and cumbersome loads with big lenses, heavy tripods, hides, plus a miscellany of other gear, using sharp movements to hoik the gear around, when we might be cold and stiff, plus we often walk long distances with it. With Dave experiencing it, another photographer I follow on twitter, plus me from time to time, I think we have to put it down as an occuaptional hazard.

I have thought about and tried various methods in the past. My big lens bag is a good solution but it doesnt actually reduce the weight. I have thought of converting my old golf trolley. This isnt as daft as it sounds, as I saw I guy had a large trolley for his gear when I was at Bradgate Park last month shooting the Red Deer, but haven't been brave enough to avoid the ridicule.

I think Dave now has the right idea with his Mobility Scooter that he has just taken delivery of :-).

Talking of Red Deer, it seems from Twitter that this clip went viral today. Now while this has caused the twitterati much entertainment, and I too laughed when I saw it, it does shows the perils of loose dogs to wildlife, and so I hope that the Deer weren't too traumatised. Having said that, in the environment of Richmond Park, I should imagine this is pretty much a regular occurrence for them along with all the myriad of other disturbances.

Finally, again from Twitter, I see the Welsh WildLife Trust appear to be supporting this reintroduction of Beavers in to Wales. I am not convinced that this should be happening yet. The Pilot trial is in Scotland and I would have thought the more scientific approach is to carry out the trials for at least five years to see all the effects on the animals themselves, the environment they live in, and the effects of the native wildlife. It is poor science in my opinion to carry out additional random trials. Our countryside is full of the effects of uncontrolled reintroductions, or introductions. So while, I am not against this, per se, I would like to see the science and the evidence properly carried out first.

Let us know your thoughts

Right, time to get a hot toddy or three


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