Monday 7 November 2011

Sandisk Bargains

A couple of months ago i was going to order some bigger capacity Sandisk CF cards for my D3s, I held off as i thought that the new D800 was about to be announced and wanted to know if that would have CF or SD card slots, Well i am glad that i waited as last week the price of the CF cards tumbled, A new 16GB Extreme pro (90mb/sec) is now down to $66 at BH Photovideo and i will be ordering a couple before the stocks run out, Now you may wonder why the cards have dropped so much so quickly, Maybe there is a new faster card coming out and you may be right but the Extreme pro is faster than most cameras can handle but you gain with the download speeds, I certainly wish that they were this price when i went to Japan earlier this year and i am sure i lost some shots by having to change cards over when the going was fast and furious,
A quick garden update and the dog problem is getting worse, Last night the big hunting type dog chased the deer away and then this morning 2 other dogs appeared twice, So i will need to replace the fence that the builder took down and quickly before the animals are perminantly spooked or my own dog gets attacked, The bird numbers are increasing as are the species, A Northern Flicker has been hanging around the garden, I hear it more than see it and i had a white breasted Nuthatch on the feeder a couple of times today, Crows are in the garden most days and the numbers of morning doves have increased to six, We worked hard all weekend getting boxes emptied and i have been sorting the garage out today, The last of the new furniture arrives this week and then its job done and back to shooting and processing, Only 6 weeks before i am in Florida and boy will i enjoy the break, 2 days with Manatees and 3 days birding should get the cobwebs off the gear



  1. Hi Dave

    We are off to Florida in Feb and wondered if you could send me the details of the boat you use to swim with the Manatees. We are staying on Sanibel but will travel for a couple of hours to swim as it is a dream of ours...we may even invest in some housing for the camera. I made my husband read your blogs for last year only last night and is is now as excited as I am.
    Thanks to both of you...I read this blog every day as I learn a lot and find it interesting

  2. Hi Nicky

    Contact birds underwater
    They will sort you out,They go out early-read pre dawn so you may want to spend a night or 2 in crystal river,Birds are the best by far and not expensive, Around $50 for the boat and all snorkeling gear and they through in hot chocolate and cookies,I am there soon, Mention my name, they will probably know me better as the British photographer, i use a EWA marine housing which is good and as cheap as you will get to get the job done properly
    Have fun and report back how it was