Sunday 6 November 2011

Late Sunday Quickie

6th of November and we still have Red Admiral butterflies whizzing round in the garden, along with spring flowers such as Red Campion and Cornflower popping up - bizarre? or just unusual.

Jac and I went across for an early morning walk upon the Malvern Hills today to enjoy the lovely crisp light. There were few few birds about, but we did see a number of Meadow pipits passing through.

I loved the BBC Autumnwatch show on Friday night, in particular the section from Islay focussing on Twite and Raptors. I have never been to Islay as I usually go further north, but after seeing the programme it is definitely on my 'must do' list now. I particularly loved the views of the Merlin - what a fantastic bird. So it was a remarkable coincidence that while driving back home yesterday morning, we spotted one very close to home. Stunning views, fabulous bird and only my second sighting in Warwickshire.

This blog was originally going to be much longer, and I had just about completed it when I lost the lot - my fault for finger trouble as I deleted the lot, and then it autosaved about three words before I realised and had a chance to go back.

So I need to wrap up now as I need to get off, and I will save what I had written on my views on hides at reserves for another day.


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  1. Hi Martin, I'd thouroughly recommend Islay. I've been there many times in both Summer and winter although I much prefer winter. Bird wise I reckon winter has more to offer - geese, ducks, divers, geese and loads of raptors (golden eagle, hh and merlin etc)