Thursday 17 November 2011

Oh my Aching Back

After a couple of weeks of lifting boxes, Unpacking and hanging artwork my aching back has said enough, So for the last couple of days i have had to sit in and watch wildlife from the living room window-again, Its given me time to try and sort out the crap that they call customer service here, Take Lowes for example, I order and pay for a sit on mower and the one that i want is at another store, I was told it will be with me in 3 days, After 3 weeks and numerous phone calls and shop visits i cancel the order, We had a new 6 piece L shaped sofa arrive, Cream to be precise except 1 piece is beige and they fit together badly, Its been a week and still no service call to find whats going on even though i went back to the store, I could go on but the gist is that nobody here gives a shit, They have your money now F--K off, Sorry about the rant but people in the UK think that your get such good customer service in the States and that maybe true in Florida or a holiday destination but you try living out here, I am surprised i have any hair left,
We had a visit from the neighbors the other evening and over a couple of bottle of my best wine they told me about the wildlife that they have enjoyed watching from the window over the last 5 years and apart from the fox,opossum and deer they have seen coyote, One that i want to see and photograph here but a threat to our dog so a fence is going up in a part of our garden, Its the reason that we moved, To have some extra land and have good wildlife in our own yard, The last couple of evenings have been quiet outside with just the opossum doing its rounds, The deer have come but they must have been here early morning as the corn has been eaten, Could be because of the hunting season and lots of shotguns going off,
We have had a very warm week with the temperatures yesterday touching 80, Last night a cold front come in and there were a couple of tornado's reported about 30-40 miles north of me, Its supposed to be back around 70 at the weekend when we have our house warming-fingers crossed,
Anybody waiting for the new Canon 500 and 600 will have to wait even longer as Canon keep changing the dates and have gone from December to a don't know, The 200-400 will end up as an urban legend, Its nice to know what a manufacturer has ups its sleeve for the future but nothing is worse than keep changing the dates of availability and you know that when they are finally released that you wont be able to get one because of next years Olympics,


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