Friday 18 November 2011

Canon 500 Prices.....again plus a Bonus Bittern!!

A while ago I posted here about problems with the supply and pricing of theCanon 500 lens, with the Mark1 being shown at the same prices as the Mark 2, and the mark 2 not being available.

Reading Dave's post of yesterday reminded me to check out where prices where.

Well, the Mark 2 shows a drop of £510 from its RRP launch price of 9K, but given the availability of lack of, then it could be any price for what its worth at the moment

But interestingly, the Mark 1 is showing back at its 'old' price of ca. £5.8K here at The Camera Centre. I don't know if they have stock, but if you are in the market, then it would be worth a call.

Tonight is the annual bore fest on TV of Children in Need - all worthy causes for sure, but a guaranteed turn off tellywise for me. The good news is that we have Autumnwatch on in a few minutes time, as I write this. Bittern have been seen this week at Slimbridge, so lets hope we see it on the show.

Some of the first shots I took with my 500 when it was new was of Bittern in the same location that it is this week.



  1. Love the Bittern shots Martin, I reckon it could be the same bird I saw there - it was a lifer for me. I've just seen one today here on Unst, found by Brydon this morning (I'd just driven past the site 30 mins previous) its the first sighting here on Unst for almost 100 years !


  2. I saw you had one up there as I follow Brydons tweets. Any images?