Tuesday 8 November 2011

Hard DriveProblems?

As a bit of a follow on from Dave's post of yesterday, there could possibly be trouble brewing on the Hard Drive Front.

I understand that the majority are manufactured in flood torn Thailand as this story will testify.

What does if mean for us? Well almost certainly prices will rise as availability becomes scarce and lead times increase.

S, if you need more External HDD capacity get in quick, and if you are putting off getting a new PC or laptop, think hard, but think quick.

1 comment:

  1. Hard drive prices have trebled in price over the last two weeks. A Google search shows some fairly decent prices still available until you investigate further and find that they're actually out of stock and not expected for several weeks.
    I managed to get two 2 TB Western Digital Caviar Blacks a fortnight ago and just in the nick of time.
    They could be had for £117, an hour later they were up to £196 and within a week they were up to £368, more than treble the price :(
    Might be worth hanging on until the New Year and hopefully prices might start coming down.