Wednesday 9 November 2011

And so it begins

After watching the floodlit garden every night for 10 nights i felt it was time to test the water and get the flashguns out, Now i was not expecting much, 1 image was the goal to see how the animals would react to the flashguns, Every animal will react differently, Some take little notice and some are gone before your eyes have had time to adjust, The opossum as been out around 9pm but the night before i saw it at 7.30 so i set up early, 5.45pm to be precise and at 6.45pm i heard a movement in the nearby trees and then a small dark shape passed by and went to the closer of the two feeding areas, it was perfect and with the 600 lens i could get a nice portrait which is what i was after, Unfortunately i had been sitting still for an hour and as i moved towards the camera i got cramp in the hips and had to move which spooked the opossum , i cursed but sat it out hoping that i would not be too long before it returned, It was about 30 mins or so before it returned and went to the further feeding area, I watched it through the viewfinder for a couple of minutes to let it relax and feed then as it looked my way i pressed the shutter which was set to quiet mode and with a pop of the flashguns i had the first image in the bag, The opossum turned around and walked off into the woodland and i took the opportunity to grab the gear and go back indoors, The 1 image was all i wanted and i didn't want to put pressure on the animals by waiting and getting more images, Slowly but surely and the results will come, I would be interested to see what you think about the composition, I put the tree base large in the frame which is quite unusual but i liked the result, It gives a sense of scale to the animal, The tree is not big as you can tell by the size of the bark, I would really have liked to get a full face close up but that will have to wait for another time, Along with the D3s and tripod mounted 600 i used 2x SB600 flashguns triggered by a SU 800 on the cameras hotshoe


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