Thursday 26 November 2009

Your Santa wish list - Part 1

Posting a bit late tonight as I walked into Stratford-upon-Avon tonight to see the Christmas lights that were switched on this evening, and visit the Christmas market. Nothing tempted me to part with my cash although the Guinness on the way back was good.

With it being less than a month to Christmas no doubt many of you are turning your thoughts to your Christmas lists and wishes so I thought I would put together a few ideas over the next couple of weeks that might help you with your thoughts that you might want to buy yourself, or send your partner on to the blog with a few subtle hints, and with the links provided it will be very easy for him or her to follow :-)

Here are few thoughts from me that might be little tempters. I will catch up with Dave over the next few days and get his suggestions for part 2 next week.

So with the ever upward files sizes being generated by the modern breed of cameras, card capacities and hard drives are being pushed so why not get some more memory cards or extra back up hard drives. I just got myself another 1TB drive. Both Dave and I are fans of Western Digital drives and Sandisk Extreme 111 cards as recording and storage mediums.

On the book front, I have often talked of the virtues of the following books as must haves for the wildlife enthusiast

Finally here are few suggestions for some must have bits of Canon kit for some of your close up work if you haven't already got them.

Next week, I will make sure I have covered some additional stuff you Nikon folk based on Dave's input.

Happy shopping, or lobbying your partners at least......... :-)


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