Thursday 12 November 2009

News - Camera Body Prices

Well it looks like a few of the new body releases are already starting to drop price at a reasonable pace.

A good site resource I have been using to benchmark prices for a few years now is Camerapricebuster here in the UK.

The Canon 7D is now down to £1299 at Jessops surprisingly, who are not usually known for their cutting edge prices, but fair play to the. Just exercise caution when considering memory cards there, as they have been pretty extortionate compared to some of the online offerings that are available.

The latest Nikon offerings of the 300s and 3s are also coming down well as can be sen there too. Certainly, at the current prices the D3s looks a much better option than that of the 1Dmk4, although comparison of those two are totally meaningless until they have decent circulation and availability.

Not that I am in the market for a new DSLR body, but considerate all part of our information service to you at no price to you :-)

Also just to add to Dave's post here on Phase One Capture One V5 Pro, there is also now the standard version available here for download, which is considerably cheaper than the Pro version. 30 day free trail available once you have registered.


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