Tuesday 10 November 2009

Answer to a Question - Canon 9500 Pro Printer

I recently received a question from 'Nitro Nori' by private message on one of the forums that I used to visit. I advised I would answer to the best of my ability here.

The Problem: The Orange light won't go out. (This light is the general error light)

Switching on and off wasn't working for him and there was no paper feed issue.

Now the only issue that I have experienced on both the 9500 printers I have used is this.

Occasionally, one of the ink tanks gets dislodged or appears to not seat properly in the head.

So opening up the front cover returns the head to the centre and you will be able to see which tank is dislodged and reseat.

On a couple of times, I have had to replace the tank to cure the problems. This is quite an annoying problem, as the logic loop that the printer goes through seems to take forever, which much movement and whirring of the head accompanied by teeth gnashing by me in my head.

Failing that, try a long switch off, reboot PC and switch on - but I reckon mpst people always get this.

Then your last port of call will be a call to Canon RCC at Elstree

Good luck and hope you get it sorted


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