Wednesday 25 November 2009

The madness of B+H

So today i get a mail from B+H saying that they have the new 70-200 F2.8 VRII in stock-Great so i go online to order it, $2399.95 full list price which is fair enough as its a new product but then i see they want $20 for shipping which Adorama and others offer for free but don't currently have in stock, So i phone B+H and ask the salesman to waiver the shipping to match its competitors and i would order it then and there, i thought that this would be a no brainer but no, after the salesman checks i get a thumbs down and an arrogance as i am told that the lens will sell either way-They didn't get the sale, I don't need one that badly and as i have spent in excess of $20000 with them i would have expected to be treated better, This is the second time B+H have i feel treated me badly and i wont be dealing with them again, I did try to explain this to the sales guy but he put the phone down on me-Adorama have just got a new customer, I have dealt with them before and they have been very good

update-2 hrs later and i have ordered one from Amazon with free 2 day shipping-B+H what a bunch of bozo's-lost a good customer for $20


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