Wednesday 11 November 2009

External hard drives

My hard drives are filling up quick so yesterday i decided it was time to go and get a bigger one, I use 3 so over a period of the next couple of months i will replace the others, When you go into a shop there is a bewildering array of different makes and models so which one to go for, I have used the maxtor/Lacie models before and have had 2 go down, I read various forums and at the moment it seems that Western Digital seem to be the most stable, I have used Western Digital for the last couple of years without problems (touch wood) so i have decided to stay with that particular brand, I browsed their range and decided to go for the 1.5TB Elite model, Its USB so simple to install and fast enough for my needs, It has software that allows for easy back up so i will give that a test and see how it performs, The price of drives have come down considerably over the last few years so there isn't a reason to have more than one back up, I would refrain from having too large a drive as there isn't any point of having a drive that will takes years to fill as the chances are that it will fail before that, I tend to change mine every 2 years max


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